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Richmond, TX

We offer the best care for

your pet  in Fort Bend County

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Comprehensive surgical service in Fort Bend County, Sugar Land & Richmond, TX

Veterinarian with Vaccine Dog with IVI procedure

Get the surgical care your pet needs from us  

Our veterinarians can provide your cat, dog, or other beloved animal with any surgery that they may need including serious cancer treatments. We can also provide your pet with a comprehensive set of dental care services as well as tooth extractions.


The next time your pet needs surgery or medical care, make sure that you bring your beloved animal to us. We also offer wide range of pet products, including Heartguard, Revolution, Sentinel, Advantage, Frontline, and Comfortis.

  • Cats and dogs

  • Dental cleaning

  • Hip surgeries

  • Tooth extraction

  • Cancer treatments

  • Skin treatments

Some of the pet medical care / surgeries we offer: